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Does PSA/DNA go to all of your public events? 
Yes, we invite PSA/DNA to all of our events.  

What are the benefits of having my item authenticated?
Well there are many different reasons why it is beneficial to have an item certified. For example:
§ Increases the value of the item.
§ Insures you are purchasing an authentic item or selling an authentic item.
§ In the case of a burglary, fire, or disaster you have documentation of the item and its authentication for insurance claims.  

What is an ITP certification?
An ITP certification is an "In the Presence Certification".
These certifications are proof that the autograph was signed in the presence of a PSA/DNA representative.

In the Presence

​​What color pens do you have?
 We have all colors of ball point pens, paint pens, and sharpies.

What type of paint pens do you use?

We use Deco Paint Pens.

Why don’t you give out tickets before events?
We don’t give tickets out prior to ensure forging of tickets doesn’t occur.

How long do signings usually take?

Each signing will have a dedicated time slot for the player to sign public autographs. Typically that time slot can be between one to three hours.

Where will I pick up my tickets?

At each event we have a will-call line.

I can’t attend the event but would like to get an item signed, what do I do?
We take both drop off and mail order requests for all  signings.

To do so you must have your item delivered to us a week prior to the event and pay for any shipping charges.
When I ship an item to you what should I include with my item?
We suggest you send us a post it note on their item with an arrow pointing to the location of where you would like the autograph placed and what color of pen you would liked to be used. If you have specific pen you would like us to use, feel to include it with the item. 

If you do not include information on the color or location, we will have the item signed in the color and on the location we would normally use. 

I am limited on time for the event and have something else going on that day. Is there a way for me to pay to be towards the front of the line?
We offer VIP tickets to the first 50 people to preorder tickets. These tickets come at no extra charge.

I can’t attend the event but I already purchased a presale ticket. Can I send someone to take my place at the signing?
 Yes, but you must call us at least two days prior to the event with you order number, name, and address. Then provide the name of the person who will be picking up the tickets. They must  come with a photo ID and a copy of the receipt to pick up the tickets. They will also sign for the tickets stating they received them.

Mail Order

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